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Urine and Faecal Examination Poster

This amazing poster is your Urinalysis and Faecal Analysis guide! 

It includes detailed steps of how to run five pathology tests that everyone in the industry conducts multiple times a day!

If you're learning, forget a step, stuck on what comes next, pop this poster up in pathology/lab and refer to it quickly and easily. It is laminated so it is designed to endure the pathology/lab environment!


  • Tests:
    • Urinalysis: Dipstick, Urine Sediment, Urine Specific Gravity
    • Faecal Analysis: Smear, Faecal Float
  • An explanation of why we are running this test and what it will show us
  • Equipment required to run the test
  • Detailed step by step process


Paper measurements: A4 page, height - 29.7cm, width - 21cm
Paper orientation: Portrait
Paper thickness: 80gsm
Laminated - laminated with 125microns, gloss finish laminating sheet
Coating: Gloss
Fold: None