What To Expect When Getting A Pet

The perfect addition to puppy and kitten packs!

How many times a day do you get asked, "I've just got a new puppy. Tell. Me. EVERYTHING!".

This little brochure has been put together to help us communicate all there is to comprehend with getting a new pet, and also to make everything a bit easier for new owners to understand!


  • Vaccination component breakdown 
  • Heartworm breakdown 
  • Tick and flea breakdown  
  • Intestinal worms breakdown
  • Common consultations
  • Common surgeries 
  • Microchip and registration


This is information and not advice. It does not replace the advice of a veterinary professional and clinic protocols should be checked and adhered to.  

Please note that this product has been made for use in Australia and all costs included in this brochure are approximate cost in Australian Dollars only. Parasite information and parasites may differ in countries other than Australia. If you purchase this item, you are doing so with the understanding that the information may not to be relevant to you. 


Size - A4 sized paper, tri-fold
Laminate - matte finish
GSM - 150