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The Best Sellers Bundle

All of our best sellers in one bundle!

If you're wondering which sets to start with, look no further! This is the perfect bundle for students to get your foot in the door, and the ideal bundle to have around the clinic for nurses at all levels to refer to!


1. The Basics

2. Urinalysis

3. Dental

4. Health and Sickness Indicators

5. Vitals

6. Administering Medications

7. The Skeletal System

8. The Digestive System

9. The Urinary System

10. The Cardiovascular System

11. The Respiratory System

12. The Reproductive System

13. Terminology and Abbreviations

14. Anaesthesia

15. Fluid Therapy

16. The Little Pocket Set

17. Surgical Instruments

ADD ON (COMING SOON - for now, you can get one of our amazing Nurse Kit by  purchasing it separately to the bundle!)

Add on our popular Nurse Kit to your Best Sellers Bundle!

This amazing Kit includes:
1. Pouch
2. Fob Watch (a range of colours are available!)
3. Note Pad and Pen
4. Pocket Calculator
5. Bandage and/or Straight Scissors (a range of colours are available!)
6. Haemostats (a range of colours are available!)  


Please note that the information provided about vaccination components is specific to Australia, this information may differ slightly outside Australia.  If you purchase this item, you are doing so with the understanding that the information may not to be relevant to you. 


Flashcard sets:

Measurements: x1 12x12cm set, x16 10x6cm sets
Quantity: 17 card sets attached with a metal ring
Card thickness: 350GSM

Nurse Kit: - NOT AVAILABLE AS AN ADD ON YET (can be purchased separately) - COMING SOON!

1. Pouch

  • Black
  • Dimensions: H - 20cm , W - 15cm
  • 7 pockets, one with zipper closure
  • Adjustable strap with buckle

2. Fob Watch

  • Rubber outer - available in a variety of colours
  • Removable watch piece
  • Safety latch, safety pin feature

3. Note Pad and Pen

  • Note Pad -  available in a variety of colours
  • Note Pad - 50 pages (double sided)
  • Note Pad dimensions: H - 11cm , W - 7.5cm
  • Pen - click pen, black ink

4. Calculator

  •  Dimensions: H - 10cm , W - 6cm

5. Bandage Scissors / Straight Scissors 

  • Medical grade stainless steel - available in a variety of colours

6. Haemostats

  • Medical grade stainless steel -  available in a variety of colours