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The Fab Four Bundle

The Fab Four!

An amazing combo of some of our most popular sets because they are everything you need to know in one bundle!


1. The Basics

  • Breakdown of vaccinations and what they cover
  • Preventative plan
  • Oestrus cycle breakdown

2. Vitals

  • Vitals
  • Quick reference to commonly used results
  • Basic life support
  • CPR

3. Administering Medication

  • Techniques and steps to administering a range of medications

4. Health and Sickness Indicators

  • Breakdown of signs of health, and ill health


Please note that the information provided about vaccination components is specific to Australia, this information may differ slightly outside Australia.  If you purchase this item, you are doing so with the understanding that the information may not to be relevant to you. 


Measurements: 10x6cm
Quantity: x4 card sets attached with a metal ring
Card thickness: 350GSM