The Radiography Bundle

This little bundle is your radiography lifesaver! 

All items include clear, detailed images detailing positioning and body terms that are used daily!


1. Radiography flashcard set

  • Terminology 
  • Directional Terms
  • Sectional Planes
  • Different areas of the body 
  • Radiographic positioning - detailed images and collimation points
2. Radiography poster
  • Alphabetised list of x-ray positions with collimation points

3. Directional Terms poster

  • Diagrams will labels pointing to different directions terms, anatomical planes and body areas


Paper measurements: x2 A3 pages, height - 29.7cm, width - 42cm
Measurements: 10x6cm, 11 page flashcard set
Paper thickness: 80GSM
Card thickness: 350GSM
Paper coating: Matte
Paper fold: fold down the centre of the poster