Administering Medications

Administering medications is a great set for students or nurses returning back to the clinic. We have listed all administration methods with tips for restraint and steps to administer the medication. We have also included different types of injectable, oral , ocular, aural and topical medications and what they are used for, which is handy!

We have also included some tips on how to record medication on patients file or treatment sheets, as this is extremely important. The next nurse and vet on rely on notes on the file so it is crucial to list the type of medication, dose and time on the file.


  • Different types of parenteral medications, restraint tips and administration steps
    • I/V, S/C, I/M, I/D, I/P, I/C, I/A
  • Administration methods for different types of medication
    • Oral, vaccinations, ocular, aural and topical
  • Tips to record medications on patients files


Measurement: 6x10cm
Quantity: 8 cards attached by metal ring
Card thickness: 350GSM