Preventative Cheat Sheet

This set is the perfect product cheatsheet! Commonly used preventative products have been summarised so you can quickly refer to them when clients or vets have any questions about what product covers for fleas, ticks AND worms, or "what age can I start giving Fluffy Bravecto?".


  • Commonly used endo and ectoparasite preventative products 
  • Methods of administration
  • Species
  • What it protects against
  • Application frequency
  • Starting age
  • Minimum weights
  • Notes on products


Please note that this product has been made for use in Australia and New Zealand. Parasite information and parasites may differ in countries other than Australia. If you purchase this item, you are doing so with the understanding that the information may not to be relevant to you. 


Measurement: 6x10cm
Quantity: 11 cards attached by a metal ring
Card thickness: 350GSM