The Cardiovascular System

The Cardiovascular Set is a great set that breaks down all the components of the heart, how it works and detailed descriptions of its functions. It also includes an awesome detailed diagram listing all the bits and pieces of the heart!

The 4 components; blood, heart, circulatory and lymphatic systems are explained, their functions described and different compositions (such as blood) are broken down for you. 


  • Composition:
    • Blood
      • Formation
      • Functions
      • Composition
      • Cell breakdown
      • Blood Collection sites
      • Blood Clotting
    • Heart
      • Function and description
      • Location 
      • Heart valves
      • Nervous system
      • Pulse rate
      • Blood pressure
      • Labeled diagram
    • Circulatory
      • Blood vessels
      • Vessel locations and directions
  • Lymphatic systems 
    • Functions
    • Components:
      • Lymphatic tissue
      • Lymphatic vessels
      • Lymphatic capillaries
      • Lymphatic ducts
      • Lymph nodes


Measurement: 6x10cm
Quantity: 13 cards attached by metal ring
Card thickness: 350GSM