The Reproductive System

The Reproductive System walks us through all stages of reproduction and the role each component of the system plays. Descriptive labelled diagrams have been included to make everything a bit easier to understand!


  • System functions
  • Useful terminology
  • Breakdown of female reproductive organs:
    • Ovaries
    • Uterine tube a.k.a oviduct, fallopian tube
    • Uterus
    • Cervix
    • Vagina
    • Vestibule
    • Vulva
  • Oestrus cycle 
  • Neonate development 
  • Breakdown of male reproductive organs:
    • Testis
    • Epididymis
    • Deferent duct a.k.a 'vas deferens'
    • Urethra
    • Penis
    • Prostate gland
    • Bulbourethral gland
  • Detailed list of surgical procedures and issues of the system


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