The Radiography set is a must have. It lists a variety of x-ray positions with collimation points for aiming the x-ray beam.

The clear diagrams make this set perfect for learning the positions when you're a student, and also for referring to throughout the day as we are usually relied on to take images if the vets are busy!

How many times has the vet asked you to get a craniocaudal view and then disappeared and you have a classic mind blank, or you're not sure what to do as this isn't something you have been taught yet? 

This set enables you to position an animal perfectly for the image, and aim the x-ray beam at the correct location. It is so useful to be able to take these images and learning all the positions will give you so much more freedom and responsibility!


  • Terminology 
  • Directional Terms
  • Sectional Planes
  • Different areas of the body 
  • Radiographic positioning images with collimation points
  • Radiographic positioning collimation points 
  • Radiographic positioning measuring points
  • Dental radiographic positioning 


Measurement: 6x10cm
Quantity: 11 cards attached by metal ring
Card thickness: 350GSM