Vitals Poster

This amazing poster has all your vital signs, normal ranges and vital info listed in an easy to read and understand, alphabetical format.

Designed to be your go-to for an emergency situation, referring to throughout the day or studying.


  • Abbreviations
  • Anaesthetic Circuits
  • Blood Glucose
  • Blood Pressure
  • Calculating Medication Doses
  • Capillary Refill Time
  • Fluid Calculations
  • Heart Rate
  • Life Support
  • Mucous Membrane Colour
  • Packed Cell Volume
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Sp02
  • Temperature
  • Total Protein
  • Urine Specific Gravity


Paper measurements: A3 page, height - 29.7cm, width - 42cm
Paper thickness: 80gsm
Paper orientation: Landscape
Coating: Matte 
Fold: fold down the centre of the poster