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The Ectoparasite set is an awesome set to have in the clinic. There are so many creepy crawlies in Australia that can harm our fur babies so I created this set to summarise the types we see commonly in veterinary hospitals. This set has come in very handy in reception as we are commonly asked for a little description of ticks, fleas and mites!

Please note that this set has been made for use in Australia. Parasite information, as well as preventative products may differ in countries other than Australia.
Many of the parasites in this set are specific to Australia.

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    A cool set that would partner up with this set would be the Preventative Cheat Sheet! Ectoparasite does briefly cover what chemical to use to try to control ectoparasites, but the cheat sheet gives exact examples of which products to use for which problem.

    This set includes:

    - Ticks

    - Mites

    - Fleas

    - Lice

    - Flies

    - Mosquitoes

    Measurement: 6x10cm

    Quantity: 13 cards attached by a metal ring

    Card thickness: 350GSM 

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    Known Issues

    We aim to make these cards perfect, but sometimes fall short and accidentally include typos and grammatical errors.

    Please see a list of the known issues with this particular card set as follows:

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    All information provided is information only, not advice.
    This information does not replace the advice or information provided by a veterinarian or medical professional.