Reproductive System

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The Reproductive Set outlines, form start to finish, how the reproductive systems of male and females works!

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    The Reproductive System walks us through all stages of reproduction and the role each component of the system plays. Reproduction has always been a tough category for me as there are so many components all playing differing roles so I have created a set that has simplified the steps. I have added in more labeled diagrams to make everything a bit easier to understand!

    This set includes:

    • System functions

    • Useful terminology

    • Breakdown of female reproductive organs:

      • Ovaries

      • Uterine tube a.k.a oviduct, fallopian tube

      • Uterus

      • Cervix

      • Vagina

      • Vestibule

      • Vulva

    • Oestrus cycle 

    • Neonate development 

    • Breakdown of male reproductive organs:

      • Testis

      • Epididymis

      • Deferent duct a.k.a 'vas deferens'

      • Urethra

      • Penis

      • Prostate gland

      • Bulbourethral gland

    • Detailed list of surgical procedures and issues of the system

    Measurement: 6x10cm

    Quantity: 12 cards attached by metal ring

    Card thickness: 350GSM 

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