The Entire NZ Bundle

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Purchase our ENTIRE range for $255.95!

Please note that the card sets are specific to Australia so preventative products as well as breeding seasons may differ in countries other than Australia.

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    The entire range is worth over $380 so save over $100 by purchasing the bundle for $255.95!


    The Entire Bundle Includes:
    1. Hookworm 
    2. Roundworm
    3. Tapeworm
    4. Whipworm
    5. Zoonosis
    6. Vaccination, Preventatives and Desexing Cheat Sheet
    7. Clinical Pathology - Urinalysis and Faeces
    8. Parasitology
    9. Dental Cards
    10. Health and Sickness Indicators
    11. Vitals
    12. Administering Medications
    13. The Skeletal System
    14. The Digestive System
    15. The Urinary System
    16. The Cardiovascular System

    17. The Respiratory System

    18. The Reproductive System

    19. Terminology and Abbreviations

    20. Ectoparasites

    21. Preventative Cheat Sheet

    22. Toxicity

    23. Plant Toxicity

    24. Anaesthesia 

    25. Clinical Pathology - Blood Tests
    26. Clinical Pathology - Lab Equipment
    27. Clinical Pathology -  Cytology and Histopathology
    28. Fluid Therapy

    29. The Little Pocket Set

    30. Surgical Instruments

    31. Surgical Instruments - Orthopaedic

    32. Radiography

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