The Basics

This set is a fantastic ‘cheat sheet’ to have in the reception area of any hospital and includes a lot of the answers to the questions you get asked daily!

The little set lists the components and frequencies of common vaccines, a list of preventative schedules and answers to commonly asked questions about desexing your pet!

How many times have you been asked ‘what’s in a C5 vaccination?’, and you get all but forget one? 


  • Vaccination components and scheduling
  • Flea and tick information
  • Worming information
  • Desexing information


    Please note that the information provided about vaccination components is specific to Australia, this information may differ slightly outside Australia.  If you purchase this item, you are doing so with the understanding that the information may not to be relevant to you. 


    Measurement: 10x6cm
    Quantity: 6 cards attached by metal ring
    Card thickness: 350GSM