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Plant Toxicity

The Plant Toxicity set lists a selection of common plants that are toxic to dogs and cats!

It's a fantastic set to have at the reception desk as a quick reference tool for when a client calls and asks the dreaded question!


  • List of toxic plants
  • The toxic component
  • Symptoms seen in poisoning
  • Pictures of each plant


The Plant Toxicity set contains common items that are toxic to dogs and cats, not ALL items that are toxic to dogs and cats. If you are unsure and an item is not on the list, this does not mean it is not toxic to dogs and cats and a veterinary surgeon should be consulted. 

This set consists of a list of plants that are found within Australia. Countries outside of Australia may have different and additional plants that are toxic to pets.


Measurement: 6x10cm
Quantity: 9 cards attached by metal ring
Card thickness: 350GSM