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The Anaesthesia Bundle

The Anaesthesia Bundle is your must have at the anaesthetic machine! 

Super handy as a learning tool, and a referral tool!


1. The Anaesthesia set takes you through each process from admitting a patient to discharging them to go home, with information about monitoring anaesthesia, different breathing systems, possible issues with anaesthesia!

2. The Vitals set which breaks down:

  • Vitals and normal ranges for results

  • Basic life support

  • Compressions and mouth-to-snout

  • Compression locations 

3. The Fluid Therapy set

  • Normal and abnormal fluid loss

  • Dehydration

  • Shock

    • Components

    • What it is used for

  • Basic fluid rate calculations

  • Administration routes

  • Possible complications

  • Definitions


Measurements: 10x6cm
Quantity: x3 card sets attached with a metal ring
Card thickness: 350GSM