The Vitals

The Vitals set is amazing for so many reasons such as it is so handy for student nurses, clinic nurses and nurses coming back from some time out of nursing. This set is an “emergency” set. As a nurse that is prone to getting overwhelmed during stressful situations, this set has saved me. It is a set we worked really hard to summarise and include a selection of emergency situations, vitals and results for quick reference in a stressful situation.

I love this set as it is useful for everyone, and an extremely handy reference tool to have around the clinic, pop into your scrub pocket or have hanging off the anaesthesia machine!


    • Feline, canine, rabbit and guinea pig vitals
      • TPR, CRT, BP, MM, BG, PCV, TP, USG
    • Fluid administration calculations
    • Urinalysis results
    • Basic medication calculations
    • Basic life support
    • Common abbreviations


                  Measurement: 6x10cm
                  Quantity: 7 cards attached by metal ring
                  Card thickness: 350GSM